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"Plant A Tree" Initiative

  America’s forests are in danger. Diseases and invasive pests kill thousands of acres of trees each year in the United States alone. Once-vast forests are being split into small fragments by increased development, and a history of suppressing natural fires has led to unhealthy woods.

Without these forests, 50 percent of the nation’s water supply will go unfiltered and 12 percent of U.S. carbon emissions won’t be absorbed. Important plant and animal species will lose their homes, and more than $14.5 billion generated on Forest Service lands – money that goes back to local communities – will be lost.
At Eco4us, we understand the importance of our nation's forests and want to do our part to protect them. That's why we introduced the "Plant A Tree" Initiative. Once profitable, our pledge is to plant one tree for every product sold. Because building a cleaner and healthier future starts at home.


To learn more or find out how you can help, contact Plant A Billion Trees at